3 Majestic Winter Photography Locations

Apr 02, 2015

We are half-glass-full type people, and that’s why instead of bemoan the coming of winter, we head outwards to take in the most beautiful sights we can. Below are three renowned winter photography locations. If you are looking for a guided tour, scroll to the bottom of this blog and see where Jim & Lori Steinberg of Steinberg Photography are heading next!

1. Winter Wonderland in Japan

Aomori in winter is a sight to behold. Thanks to its location where winds from the surrounding mountains collide, rise, and cool, Aomori receives frequent and intense snowfall. An amazing 21.95 feet of snow fall on Aomori each year, with six feet of it falling in December alone.


To put that in perspective, Syracuse, New York, perennial winner of the Golden Snowball Award for most snow in any U.S. city, averages less than 10 feet a year!


Opportunities for winter photography abound. From a ride on the Tsugaru Railway to see the beautiful winter landscape to the Aomori snow monsters which are, amazingly, the tops of trees poking up through the snow, Aomori is a safe bet if snow is in your agenda.

2. Winter Wilderness in Yellowstone National Park

See everything from buffalo, bison, elk, bighorn sheep, and antelope to wolves on the hunt in Yellowstone National Park, one of the most breathtaking locations for natural beauty in the United States — or anywhere in the world for that matter.


When to go? Though most of the park’s campgrounds, lodges, stores and restaurants are closed for the winter, two lodges remain open, as do several visitors centers. Ranger-led expeditions are offered at Old Faithful and Mammoth Hot Springs, and other park partners lead guided activities throughout the park. More information can be found here:

3. There’s More than Ice in Iceland

There is lots of ice in Iceland, but that’s not all. This rocky volcanic island northwest of Ireland is just several hours from major Northeast and Canadian airports, and its natural wonders are nearly too numerous to list.


From the otherworldly landscapes of the Westfjords to the majestic Kirkjufellsfoss waterfalls and the famous ice caves of Iceland, this little island has a little bit of everything!

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