Boost Your Skills with a Landscape Photography Workshop

Oct 29, 2008

Many highly accomplished professional photographers begin as self-taught artists, exploring the possibilities of their medium without formal instruction. Others start their careers with the rigorous practice and structure of a full-fledged academic program of study. If you’re looking to boost your skills and take your images to the next level, a landscape photography workshop is the perfect solution: practical, affordable, and skills-oriented.

Photography Workshop Perk #1: Skills

The first and most obvious bonus to a dedicated landscape photography workshop is the focus on technical proficiency. Skilled instructors who have been working in the field for years are invaluable resources for tips, techniques and approaches that you may never have discovered independently. Structured direction also encourages the practice of photographing regularly: the external pressure of an assignment deadline can function as the kick in the pants that’s needed when you’re tempted to spend a lazy Sunday indoors instead of outside honing your craft. Finally, workshops offer the opportunity to put theory into practice. Learning about lens focusing techniques or composition rules in the classroom is a solid foundation, but true understanding of these concepts only comes with getting out and using them in a live situation. After all, what happens in the field can be quite different from what is discussed in the classroom.

Photography Workshop Perk #2: Peer Feedback

Want to refine your signature style? Have the vision for what you want, but can’t quite achieve it? Critical review from outside eyes will help you learn to spot problem areas, correct weak skill proficiencies, and address bad habits before they become ingrained. Learning to take constructive criticism is an invaluable skill for life in general, and artistic practice in particular. Additionally, the unique challenges of landscape shooting become easier when approached in a team: instead of trekking through dense terrain or a rocky ridge alone, instructors and fellow workshoppers are there to provide support and point out the best routes. Additionally, good critiques provide many opportunities to not only see how your work might be different, but also how your fellow participants have approached the same opportunities with different results.

Photography Workshop Perk #2: New Connections

Finally, one often-overlooked bonus to photography workshops is the connections forged by a shared passion. This is not just a great way to make personal friendships, but also to create a professional network if you’re looking to turn your hobby into a business. As a freelance-heavy, independent creative field, personal referrals can make a big difference to a burgeoning photography practice. A small, formally structured group is the perfect opportunity to both hone your skillset and create lasting relationships.

If you’re passionate about photography and love the great outdoors, there’s no better place to start perfecting your craft, meeting like-minded people, and building a network of fellow landscape photography enthusiasts than one of Steinberg Photography’s workshops or photo tours. Check out our calendar to see where we’re headed next!