Choosing a Photography Workshop That Meets Your Needs

Posted on 23 March 2020

If you’re planning to take a photography workshop, it’s critical you find one that’s right for you. Since photography workshops are often expensive, you need to make sure the workshop and your goals are aligned. Follow this guide to learn steps you can take to get the most from your upcoming photography workshop. You will then gain the skill and experience you need to reach the next level.

Find an Inspiring Instructor

Finding an inspiring instructor is one of the most important parts of choosing a workshop. What inspires one person might not inspire someone else, so only you can decide what path makes sense for your goals. It’s therefore important to speak with the instructor beforehand.

An inspiring instructor will connect with you on a human level and understand what you would like to achieve. For the best results, consider working with an instructor who shares similar passions and long-term goals. An instructor who relates to you and your vision will help you improve your skill and boost your love for photography so make a call and chat with the instructor.

Ask for References from Past Participants

Not all photography instructors are the same. Thus, it’s a great idea to ask for references.

Some instructors care about their students more than others, and you want to work with someone who values the time they spend with you in the workshop. Seek references to get an idea of how well other students enjoyed past workshops with different instructors.

You want to know whether the instructor gives students singular attention in the workshop and whether the instructor can adjust their approach to meet the unique needs of each student. While you are doing due diligence, consider whether other students felt the instructor was down to earth and personable. This is key.

Ask for References from Other Instructors

Many photography instructors either know or have worked with each other at some point. Ask prospective instructors for references from other instructors. Because any references an instructor provides reflects on their own business, they will only recommend ones who know what they are doing.

Find a Workshop That Matches Your Skills

Research the workshops you have in mind to see if they match your skills and goals. For example, you don’t want to take an advanced workshop if you are just getting started.

You also want to find a workshop that specializes in the type of photography that appeals to you the most. On the other hand, workshops that offer a general overview of each type are helpful if you have not yet chosen a specialty. If you are already great at taking quality pictures, investigate workshops that focus on post-processing.

Choosing a Photography Workshop or Photo Trek

Make sure you know the difference between a photography workshop and a photo trek. Workshops focus on teaching you everything you need to know about photography and how it works, and they include lectures and coursework. A photography trek provides some information, but its focus is on giving you the chance to take pictures of different locations.

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