Get Your Business Started With This Photography Pricing Guide

Aug 20, 2012

Determining what to charge for your photography services can be bewildering. Here is a brief photography pricing guide to get you started:


Publish Prices on Your Website

You don’t have to include every price, but it is a good idea to post some prices to manage your clients’ expectations. If clients are negatively surprised by your prices, they may back out or try to negotiate you down so provide at least some parameters for pricing and uses.

Charge A Full Session Fee Up Front

The last thing you want is for a client to cancel unexpectedly. An important tip in this photography pricing guide is to protect your business against cancellations. If clients are required to pay for the session or at least a non-refundable deposit up front, they will be far less likely to leave you hanging. More and more restaurants are using this technique and find it successful so there should not be a great deal of resistance.  After all, your time is no less precious than your clients’.


Price Uniformly

Uniformity in pricing is helpful for both you and your client. If it makes sense, it’s easier for you to keep track of and for your clients to trust you and use your services. Remember the KISS principle and keep your clients happy by keeping it simple.


Ensure Informed Consent

It is critical that your clients understand the terms of making a reservation and paying a deposit or prepaid fee. The payments are nonrefundable. Make sure that your clients enter into an agreement knowingly. Some photographers require their clients to sign a contract. But even if you don’t, make sure to provide them with a written explanation of your pricing system.


No Friends and Family Discounts

Some photography pricing guides encourage discounts, while others warn against it. We believe that formal friends and family discounts can work against your best interests. You should be fully compensated for your work, though It is fine every once in a while to show your appreciation for your regular or best clients with a small gift..


Use Expiration Dates and Watermarks for Online Client Galleries

Some clients will try to snag the previews posted online instead of paying the full price for the prints. To protect your bottom line, be sure to use watermarks with your copyright on your previews and only make them accessible for a limited amount of time


Take Your Landscape Photography to the Next Level

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