Happy Spring, Happy Trails

Feb 14, 2004

After a weekend full of Passover Seders, Easter egg hunts, family brunches and dinners, we wanted to share a special image captured in Delft, Netherlands. Located in South Holland, this dreamy town offers picturesque canals, bustling streets and European charm at its best. Spring is the best time of year to visit, as the subtle breeze follows you in and out of narrow alleys and nature blossoms all around, reinvigorated by the sun’s return.

A relaxing meal on a tethered barge on the canals is the perfect way to experience Delft’s stunning architecture and vibrant scenery. It’s also a great opportunity to practice your photography skills. Below, we share some of our handy photography tips for travelers.

Seize the Moment

When traveling, you never know where an alley will lead or what could happen at any given moment, so when faced with a decision on which direction to go, don’t be trepidatious about going down that alley or road that appears less traveled. You never know what you will find there. And always be prepared with your camera at the ready and your senses on alert at all times Keep your eyes and mind open.

Make it Count

Tourists generally snap photos of everything they see while traveling, only to return home to delete 80 percent of their images. This is even truer today as digital makes it so much easier to create as many images as you want at no additional cost. After all, electrons are free. To ensure that you capture the moments that count, pause before you click to ask yourself why you think the scene or image is unique or important. Ask yourself, “Does this photograph tell a story?” or “How is this image important to telling the story of this place?” This will help quell the urge to take photos of every single historic statue you come across and return home with unique shots of your trip.

Become a Jack-of-All-Trades

When traveling, you encounter a variety of different situations. One morning, you might capture a man sipping his daily coffee at a café, while the afternoon might be filled with hiking in the countryside. One of the beauties of travel is that you’re exposed to a multitude of activities in a short period of time. Use your trip as a reason to exercise and practice your photographic skills. This is a great time to stretch yourself and use different photographic muscles. If you are most comfortable with portraiture then make sure to do more landscape. Practice action shots of people riding on bikes; try some nighttime photography. This is great time to try something new to help tell your story. After reviewing you images upon your return home, you’ll know exactly which areas you need to hone in on to further sharpen your skills.

Steinberg Photography hopes you had an enjoyable Passover and Easter and that wherever you are it is finally Spring! If you’re traveling this spring season, share your pictures with us on Facebook, where you can also see the latest photographs from award-winning photographers Jim & Lori Steinberg. Want to sharpen your skills pre or post trip? Check out our workshops here and practice, practice, practice!