How to Start Your First Photo Blog

Jun 15, 2019

Sometimes, it takes a bit of guidance from another photographer to encourage young photographers to start a photo blog. Well, consider this your encouragement! Starting your first photo blog is daunting, of course, but don’t judge yourself too harshly. A photography blog can be an important tool in achieving your goals, whether it’s to get better behind the lens or to start making money with your photos. Here is our best advice on how you should start that blog to maximize your chances of success.

Know Why You’re Starting a Photo Blog

When you first start your photography blog, you’ll feel a rush of inspiration. But, at some point, that will fade. In the moments when you’re not feeling as inspired or dedicated, you need to know why you’ll push on. Also, when you make your decisions about what platform you host your blog through, you may need to know why you’re blogging.

Some reasons to start a photography blog are:

– Improve your skills, get more feedback

– Share your experiences and journey

– Help others improve

– Develop an audience

– Encourage sales

– Hone in on your style

Know Your Audience 

When you get stuck on topics to write about or new photography techniques to explore, you should turn back to your audience. Who are you trying to connect with, and what might they want to read or look at? Possible audiences for your photo blog might include:

– Businesses that buy photography

– Regular people that buy photography

– Fellow photographers

– Those who enjoy travel photography, or whatever you specialize in

– School admissions people

Sort Out Your Website Options

There are lots of website hosting platforms, but photographers tend to gravitate towards two main options: WordPress and Photoblog. You should consider this carefully and do some research. But the basic factors are that Photoblog is simpler to set up and has more built-in tools to help you grow an audience. WordPress is harder to set up but is infinitely more customizable and gives you a custom domain name.

Connect Your Social Media 

This is easier with Photoblog, but still entirely possible with WordPress. Start or connect social media accounts to your website. Link between the two and advertise your blog on your social media accounts. Blogging is becoming less prevalent these days, so you need social media to grow your audience.

Set Small, Achievable Goals  

Don’t expect your photo blog to be a huge success from the moment you start—or even a year later. Blogging is a long-term strategy. It’s best to set a posting schedule for yourself that is regular, but not so demanding that you’ll suffer from burnout. That way, you’ll keep actively blogging.

Join Us to Up Your Photo Blogging Game

Now that you have a photo blog, you need to get out there and start taking more pictures to fill it! If you’re looking for a unique experience, where you can get professional photography guidance and have unusual subject, join us on a Workshop or Photo Tour!