Into the Colorado Wild

Jun 09, 2003

In 1990, Emory graduate Chris McCandless embarked on the rugged adventure of a lifetime to live in the Alaskan wilderness. On his way, he traveled through various states, camping, hiking, canoeing and walking. Experiencing the humbleness and beauty that comes from a nomadic way of life, McCandless was empowered by his will to travel. We experienced the same feeling at the Elk Mountain in the Colorado wild’s Routt County.

Also known as ‘The Sleeping Giant,’ Elk Mountain is a peak that risies almost 9,000 feet and stands out prominently above the Elk River just outside of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Unlike the nearby Zirkels, Park Range, or Elkhead mountains, The Sleeping Giant stands alone and is not distinctly linked to other peaks or ridges.

Though McCandless didn’t survive, his epic adventure encompasses the joie de vivre that many go through life not knowing. Life’s simple pleasures of natural wonders, divine sunsets, godly mountains and the purity of the untouched world are oftentimes taken for granted. Through photography, we hope to spread some of the beauty McCandless lived in.

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