One of the bigger aspects of safari is “the hunt”

Feb 25, 1994

One of the bigger aspects of safari is “the hunt”. Today we do this with cameras as our weapons, as the hunting of bush animals in Zambia is not permitted. In fact, the penalty for poaching is 3 years hard labor. However, sometimes, more realistically much of the time, one never really knows who is hunting whom. Here we see one of the vehicles from Lion Camp in the South Luangwa National Park that had been tracking a pride of Lions called, The Hollywood Pride. When lo and behold there they were. One of the females found them while another looks on with interest in the background. It seems ironic that the poor chap from Sri Lanka in the right front seat had his 600mm bazooka and was unable to get anything of the interaction, while Jen from Australia in the back got some wonderful images with her little Canon and small zoom. You’ll notice that no one put a hand out to try and pet the lioness!