Photography as Foreign Language

Dec 11, 2004

Like learning any new language, photography is a process. It’s filled with foreign terms and uncomfortable structuring that can prove frustrating. But in the end, you will dazzle others with your fluency in a language most only dare to fantasize about—and that’s the true beauty of photography.

Imagery influences our daily lives and speaking its language opens you up to endless possibilities. If you speak with a scientist about a certain image, it will be just as insightful as a conversation about the same image with an experienced photographer. Flex your photographic vocabulary, speak with dynamic individuals and further your craft one syllable at a time.

The medium of photography is also similar to a foreign language because it’s flexible enough for interpretation. An American’s understanding of an Italian phrase is different from a Florentine’s, but neither is wrong, just interpretive. You want your images to be embraced similarly so they take on a 3-D aspect. Even the simplest images should never be one-dimensional.

To learn the language of photography, there are no better teachers that award-winning photographers Jim & Lori Steinberg. They capture nature’s wonders all over the world. To learn new tricks, check out our workshops here and connect with us on Facebook to see more photographs.