Strawberry Park, Steamboat Springs, CO

Aug 04, 1990

Meanwhile, back in Colorado we arrived home to find that spring has finally shown up here after a very long, albeit not particularly difficult, winter. Strawberry Park, just outside Steamboat Springs, Colorado, as seen here has greened up very nicely and the all the trees are in full green. (We’ll get back to more Low Country images soon.) Today will also mark the inauguration of a new feature that we’ll share on an irregular basis. We’ll be calling this simply, The View from The Deck, as I make images looking out from my home. I loved the look of the clouds the other evening as the closest low lying ones seemed to pick up all the late sunlight while the higher clouds retained the cold steely blue of late evening to make for a lovely contrast in color and the final touch was the little tendril of cloud hanging down over Nipple Peak..