Ten Ways to Make Smartphone Photos Look Professional

Dec 09, 2019

Smartphone cameras are turning everyone into a photographer. Learning about the photography features of your smartphone will help you to use your device to best advantage. Here are 10 ways to make your photos look professional:

1. Keep it Clean

Ensure that your camera lens is clean before you start to snap. Clean the lens with a soft cloth to prevent scratches.

2. Learn More About Framing

If you’re not sure how to frame a photo, your camera can help. Choosing “Grid” or “Grid Lines” in the camera app will create an overlay that will help you to compose your image. It will keep your shot parallel with any vertical or horizontal lines. It will also help to keep unwanted objects out of your photo.

3. Rethink Digital Zoom

Zooming in to capture a distant subject before taking a photo will give you grainy, cropped and resized images. The photo will also be affected by your hand movements. Zooming in can reduce resolution to the point where the final image looks nothing like the real thing. Avoid digital zoom. Use your camera’s telephoto lens if it has one.

4. Scope Out the Lighting

Employing the flash of an LED light won’t enhance your photo. It will give it a harsh quality. Instead, consider sunlight, indoor lighting, candlelight, moonlight or city lights after dark. Even the flashlight of another smartphone will usually deliver better results.

5. Beware of Cloud Storage

Although cloud storage allows you to snap away without overloading your phone, there’s a downside. Not all services preserve the resolution of your images, and you might be charged a fee if you store a lot of photos. Keeping photos in their proper format by paying for a premium service can be a worthwhile investment.

6. Use a Tripod

Tripods can prevent blurry images and off-kilter photos. Tripods are unmatched for time-lapse photography, long exposures and photos with low lighting. They come in pocket sizes and work well with any kind of smartphone.

7. Add a Shutter Button

Tapping the button to capture a shot disturbs the image. Shutter buttons eliminate this problem. They also help with night photography and long exposures.

8. Let AI Do It For You

You can instruct your Android phone to take a picture. It’s already listening and eager to help. Instruct your Google Assistant to take a selfie, and Google’s pixel smartphone will capture the perfect image at just the right time.

9. Explore Exposure

Exposure is an important element in a photo that can help you to capture a subject perfectly. To prevent dark shadows, tap the screen to lock focus on the subject. To get silhouettes, tap the sky, and your subject will be underexposed.

10. Experiment With Portrait Mode

Shooting in portrait mode produces a more appealing photo. This is especially true for photos of people. However, you need to have enough light.

Employing these tips can take your smartphone camera photos to a more refined level. If nothing else, you’ll have a good time.
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