Tips for Keeping Your Photography Gear in Good Shape

Dec 15, 2010

Your landscape photography gear is an investment that needs to be properly cared for in order to provide you with the best possible results. After all, if you fail to keep everything clean and well-protected, your gear is much more likely to fail when you need it most. Fortunately, following a few simple tips can greatly expand the lifespan of your equipment.

Always Use Caps, Bags, Storage Cases and a Strap

The easiest way to harm your gear is by not keeping the front and rear lens caps on at all applicable times. It’s also best to have a UV or Skylight filter on the front of your lens to provide some protection if you drop your camera. Additionally, make sure that you always keep your equipment in a camera bag or storage case whenever it’s not being used. Another vital tip is to use a strap or tripod while shooting for added stability. Also, when changing lenses in the field, always be sure to keep the camera turned away from the wind, so dust or any loose material cannot land on the camera sensor; and, be sure to always have the camera pointed down so that nothing can fall into the opening and land on the sensor.

Clean Your Gear Regularly

For most people, it’s best to leave the cleaning of the camera sensor to a professional. However, you can clean your own lenses and your camera body. Use a rocket blower to get rid of dust. The rest of the dust and grime will come off of lenses easily with pre-moistened lens wipes and a microfiber cleaning cloth. Utilize a clean towel and a makeup or paintbrush to dust off and wipe down your camera body.

Insure Your Landscape Photography Gear

If your gear isn’t insured, you’re running a huge risk of losing everything to theft, fire or a flood. Most renter’s and homeowner’s policies will allow you to add on a special rider that specifically covers your gear. Make sure to check with your insurance company to see that your equipment is still covered even when traveling overseas. We have found most companies will not extend coverage to Africa. If your insurance company falls into this category, I suggest using USAA as they cover equipment on a worldwide basis.

Take Your Landscape Photography to the Next Level

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