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10 Photography Questions You Were Too Afraid to Ask

Got a question you’re too afraid to ask? You’re not alone! Here are 10 of the most common photography questions answered by Jim and Lori.

  1. What is Aperture Priority (AV/V) Mode?

It allows you to control aperture while your camera selects the shutter speed based on the light available for the shot.

  1. What is Program (P) Mode?

    The camera will select the aperture and shutter speed automatically based on the amount of light passing through the lens. Basically, it’s automatic or “point and shoot.”

  2. What is Shutter Priority (SV/S) Mode?

It allows you to control the shutter speed while the camera automatically sets the aperture based on the amount of light available.

  1. What is Manual (M) Mode?

Manual means you are doing it all. You control the aperture, shutter speed.

  1. Is It Better to Buy a More Expensive Camera?

This is a question a lot of people ask. In general, the price of the camera can reflect the quality. However, a good camera won’t help a bad photographer, and a good photographer may not necessarily need all of the bells and whistles accompanying a heftier price tag. Like the human brain, we will likely only use 10% of the available capacity of the highest end cameras on the market today. 

Do your research. Look at various models and their specifications and reviews. Always hold one in-person. The ergonomics (how it feels in your hands) is critical. Look for a camera that works for your budget now and that you can upgrade and accessorize as you figure out what you need and afford later.  

  1. How Do You Take Good Bird Close-Ups?

Very carefully! Birds are skittish by nature and don’t pose for the camera. Your best bet is to be patient and sit quietly with a 400mm lens or longer. Mounting your camera to a tripod may help, make a quick wish, and wait for it. Wear neutral or colors that blend in with the environment, and don’t make any sudden movements. A portable blind may be helpful, but generally, once the birds understand you’re not as scary as you look, they’ll get back to business as usual, and you can take your shots. It may take a few tries, but you’ll get it. 

  1. When Setting Up the Flash Stand, Do I Shoot Through the Umbrella, or Use It to Bounce Light Back on the Subject?

It depends on the effect that you are going for. Shooting through the umbrella will give you big catchlights in the eyes. It’s similar to diffusing the quality of the flash with a softbox. Play around and see what works for your subject. 

  1. How Do I Attach My Umbrella to a Stand?

You’re going to want to get yourself “umbrella bracket adapters.” 

  1. Does the Brand Matter?

Yes! You don’t want to lose all of your work to a subpar compact flash card. Lexar and SanDisk are both well-established brands with reliable, quality memory cards that we use exclusively.

  1. Does Size Matter?

Some believe the bigger, the better. And it can be super convenient to be able to store everything in one place. However, if something happens to that card, you will be devastated when you lose everything. Using 32GB or 64GB cards will more than suffice. And don’t forget to back up! 

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