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9 Destinations for a Summer Landscape Photography Adventure

Are you looking for a photography adventure this summer? Steinberg Photography leads expeditions to some of the most beautiful locations in the USA. To see where we’re headed and to reserve your spot, check out our Photo Tours page.

If you’re looking to have your own photography adventure but aren’t sure where to go, we have you covered. Below are 10 scenic locations that are renowned for their beautiful landscapes and excellent for landscape photography.

9 Photography Adventure Destinations

1. Yosemite

Also in California is Yosemite National Park, known in part for its Giant Sequoia groves. Millions of people visit the park each year, drawn to its waterfalls, streams, and granite cliffs. When possible, shoulder seasons are a great time to go:  fewer crowds and spring and fall provide great shooting opportunities.

2. White Sands

The White Sands National Monument features unique, snow-like gypsum sand dunes. It is, however, located near a missile range and is subject to closure during testing. Plan accordingly. It can also be quite windy, so be prepared to protect your equipment from getting the extremely fine sand grit in it.

3. Glacier National Park

Another incredible natural wonder is Glacier National Park, located in Montana on the border with Canada. This enormous park features two mountain ranges, over 130 names lakes, and hundreds of waterfalls. Bird Woman Falls, a 500-foot-tall waterfall, is a must-see. To get away from the summer mobs, plan on some of the numerous hiking trails available including those from the Logan Pass Visitor’s Center.

4. Banff National Park

If you’re scouting locations outside of the U.S., consider Banff National Park. The oldest national park in Canada is home to glacially fed lakes, picture-perfect mountains, and the Banff Mountain Film Festival. Additionally, the Icefields Parkway is one of the 10 most spectacular scenic drives in the world and lands you in Jasper on the other end.  An absolute can’t miss!

5. Assiniboine Provincial Park

At the edge of Banff lays Assiniboine Provincial Park, accessible only by backcountry trails. Photo opportunities are endless among the glaciers, lakes, mountains, waterfalls, and canyons. This is  a great add-on to the Banff-Jasper shooting trip, and after all the people in the former, you will appreciate the latter even more.

6. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

If you’d like to go south, don’t miss Salar de Uyni – location of the world’s largest salt flat. When dry, it is uniquely fractured. When filled with water, it also serves as the world’s largest mirror: a unique and unspoiled location.

7. Tasmania, Australia

Tasmania, also in the Southern Hemisphere, is an Australian island covered with National Parks and Reserves. Forests, rivers, and mountain ranges make for beautiful photos. And because it is relatively small, it is easy to cover in depth, and of course, there is Hobart a fun and funky town in itself.

8. Tibet

Tibet is home to Mt. Everest and countless other incredible mountains. It is also home to YarlungZangbo Grand Canyon, one of the deepest and longest canyons on the planet. If you’re looking for an adventure shooting trip, consider some time hiking the Annapurna Trail.  You will need to be in shape for this one though as it is at altitude.

9. Golden Gate Highlands National Park

This South African National Park is best known for its eroded sandstone cliffs and outcrops, which make for unique photos. There is also an abundance of wildlife, perfect for your photo adventure. Like most of South Africa, it is affordable and the beauty is absolutely spectacular.  We have taken numerous groups to South Africa and they always come back gobstopped!